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Ever found yourself thinking,

"Where do I even start with money?"

I have the perfect fix! 

Intro to SOH

Jump Start Your Money Mindset


It's time to shake off that post-celebration haze and get your mindset geared up for a stellar financial year ahead! Ready to embark on a journey to financial success?

Get the Jumpstart Your Money Mindset Masterclass and shake off money fear and gain control of your account today! 

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What you will learn

Learn the truth & my tips about transforming your

mind to money

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addressing problems head on

We all have problems with money, let's address the root of it and heal our money trauma. 

Redefine Money

Pull out the B-word and let's get to work, time to evaluate and examine your budget. 

Resolutions aint resolving sh!t....

Stop setting unrealistic expectations of yourself and money and learn the right way.

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Adapting a Money Mindset

Get rid of negative core beliefs and tap into your abundance resource, your mind!


How do I know if this is right for me?

This is for millennials like YOU who are ready to:

  • Find YOUR way with money to hit your goals.

  • Attract a mindset of control and break out of brokenness.

  • Save time with a budget and a goal action plan.

  • Create different experiences & opportunities with your time and money!

What's included?
Who Are We

Who am I you ask? 

My name is Melissa Davis & I am the Money Hunter, Chief Money Officer of the iWill Wallet! I help millennial rehab therapists release fear by offering a step-by-step framework to gain control of their accounts. I stepped into the financial coaching space in 2020 after having my own success with money management. Since then I have paid off $48,000+ of debt, afforded multiple trips around the globe, purchased my first home, and earned $20,000 in side hustle income alone in 12 months.


Like you, I didn't know where to look, how to start, or even how to make money work for me! I have taken my experience over the last 7 years & 15 side hustles later to give you the the tools needed to jumpstart your finances off to a prosperous year. 

Dive RightIn

Ready to Dive in?

Get Instant Access Today!

For only $20, jumpstart your money mindset! 

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