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What is the iWillWallet?

🥺Are you tired of looking at your check wondering where your money disappeared to? 

🤯Ever thought about leaving some of those bills behind and having more cash in your pocket?

🤔Are you in need of a solid plan to get you on the right path towards financial freedom?

I am the Money 🤑Hunter and I can help you find money in accounts you never knew you had and double it! Through my coaching program, you will learn about your money and ways to grow it. Whether you are looking to find more money to pay down or eliminate debt, increase your credit score, or save for the future - I can help you create a customized plan to set you up for WINNING!


I guarantee after working with me for 14 days I can find an additional $200 in your account, money back guaranteed! Read the testimonials and ask yourself, am I committed to living free? Scroll to the services and set up a clarity call with me and let’s get find you the money you deserve!

With this coaching program you will receive:

- Exclusive 1:1 Financial coaching with Melissa to guide you towards finding the money, eliminating debt, saving for a rainy day, or just problem solving through your account


- Virtual Workshops that will cover everything you need to know when it comes to money like Debt, how to pay down student loans, savings plans, investing, generational wealth, insurance, etc. Also, get a taste of my secret formula for paying off my debt! 


- Weekly Strategy calls to encourage, motivate, support, and keep each other accountable for our expenses


- All-access to videos from previous lives & forums here on the iWill Wallet Website


- The iWill Wallet with 5 envelopes customized to keep your account and wallet in sync!


- The 30Day 1000aire Flip Kit - This product will ensure you increase your income by $1000 in 30 days! The iWill Pods are designed to keep your audio moving as you are on the go. With this kit, you will receive the same document used to track your growth! Profit, goals, accountability, and ways to stay in contact with your clients! 


This coaching program is designed for individuals that are motivated to make a change. It only works if YOU put in the work! Membership and selection into the #iWill Money League are limited & hand-selected, you MUST book a clarity call before committing!

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The Take-Away

The iWill Wallet

The iWill Wallet is your exclusively customized wallet designed to help keep your money and goals in sync. It serves as an additional resource that reinforces budgeting & goals. Not only is the wallet the staple of this business but we know by having it, YOU WILL grow your money!

On a Video Call


iWill Workshops

Learn common mistakes made with money and strategies for change!

As an iWill Manifester, it’s time to brush up on those skills and learn more about your financial health. We have developed a 6-week workshop on finances, manifestation, wealth-building strategies, and the law of attraction. Stay tuned for more details about the workshops dropping soon!



Clarity Call

Coaching you towards your manifested goals!

Financial Coaching will be your exclusive opportunity to meet with me 1:1 as we dive into your money and discuss any and all decisions, challenges, and seek answers to your burning financial questions.

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