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Welcome to the World of Money

Howdy Y'all,

My name is Melissa and I am the Chief Money Officer for the iWill Wallet. I help millennials (aged 27-25) overcome fear of their money and gain back control over their accounts. We have changed, developed, and grown so much over the last three years that it's time we continue to take it up a notch. This year - I have been focused on taking what I do to the next level to impact more people. It only makes sense with everything happening in the economy - we get our money right now versus never.

For this being my very first blog post, I feel like I am taking it back to my old school days of journaling. I LOVE journaling and releasing my thoughts on paper like no one is watching. I still have that same journal to this day, surprisingly! Being able to write out my thoughts has allowed me to escape traumatizing experiences and connect more with my inner self. As a therapist, we would call that an outlet of sorts. Another outlet that I have adopted is money - I loveeeee money. What can I say... I didn't become a money coach for no reason.

I love the way money smells, I love the way money looks especially when it's fresh 😍 off the printer, the way it makes me feel, the things I can do to it, the many ways I... wait haha. Before I take it any further - I love the life money has been able to afford me. I wouldn't call it luxury, I would say more so enjoyable. Money has so much power as it really influence what we do, where we go, who we are around, and how we get there. When I was younger, I always tried to find more money and my mom's favorite words, "Money doesn't grow on trees". She was very correct but what she failed to say was, "Money doesn't grow on trees but it can grow us different trees to make more money".

The mission of the iWill Wallet is to educate individuals about all things money in order to live the life they spend all day at work dreaming about. The vision is to become one of the more popular companies focused on financial education and emotional intelligence when it comes to money. Let me also add, with the physical wallet, iWill Wallet, I want to become the only company in the world known for specializing in financial education for individuals with a disability.

In starting this blog I really want to accomplish a few things:

  • Bring awareness to the brand

  • Educate on simple information to help you understand money

  • Personal stories related to fear of money

  • Provide as an outlet for people to vent and get things off their chest

Let's get ready to rumble - this has been three years too long but if not now... when.

Welcome to the start of something new!

M 🧡

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