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Are you ready to live your life in multiple destinations but unsure how?

Ready to learn what to do next with your side hustle gig? Whether it's to get temporary cash or scale it into a profitable business? Tired of deciding if the juice is worth the squeeze? How about finding the hustle you need without searching forever to get it?


Here are the directions to the divine lifestyle you desire

you may be wondering... 👀 


Where to find your next hustle…?


How to flip your funds fast?!


What to do to make more money now…?


Why you should start hustling right now?!
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What's hurting your pockets?

  • You don’t know where to start

  • Your money always acting up

  • You want to catch flights but need more funds

  • You have trouble making money flip for you

You aren’t where you want to be because you don’t know what to do with what you don’t have!
You may have the world, but you could be doing MORE
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Know how to find side hustles already? Let me teach you what to do with the funds coming in!
Do you already have multiple hustles? Great, now let me show you how to 10X your coins.


  • You don’t know how to find your dream hustle

  • You want to make more money with less time

  • If you have the money, but spend money on stupid stuff

  • You have the hustles and looking for your millions

No more time wasted, no more complaining - it’s time to really take that hustle and step into your divine lifestyle!



Mel cracked a financial shell I have stayed in for quite some time! She helped me think actively and productively about how my income would be easily increased.  I haven't really analyzed my financial behaviour in my life like I have in the small time I have known Melissa.


I am thankful to Melissa for giving me her time! I am working everything I need for my business out now so I can stop wasting time. I plan to keep Melissa around until she can manage my money. Melissa, you are apart of my success story. 


I purchased the iWill Wallet and let me tell you - it is IT! I had someone ask me in the store  "is that a waller or a planner". Its BOTH! It's been helping me keep on track with my budget. I have been able to pay off  $990 of debt!


You will walk away with...

  • A step-by-step guide to finding your best hustle yet!

  • Multiple strategies to shave time and make money NOW!

  • Stopping stupid money moves and making it shift for you!

  • Using skills to flip your funds fast and frequently!

  • Understanding why you NEED hustle right now!

Secrets of a Hustler makes hustling & money come easily!
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